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Ouch. What an emotionally draining day. The most minor of cases, I'm a day over the absence limit in school, which means I have to turn in an appeal stating the reason I was absent so many times. My reason for being absent? We had the final funeral for my Uncle Steve today. It came on kind of suddenly, I only found out yesterday morning. Yeah, he died a little over a year ago on Christmas night, was cremated and I think either sent home with my aunt or his parents. It took them this long to decide what they wanted to do with his remains, I think, which in the end was to bury them. So we all stayed home from school and left at twelve or so for the cemetary in Minneapolis, where mom and us kids got lost because there were like four cemetaries meshed together into one huge place, so we entered through the Sunset, and then found out we were supposed to be in Hillside, so we were late but thankfully everyone waited for us. When we arrived, the white box of his remains was against the memorial with Suzie crying over it, one of her friends holding her as the friends and family members gathered around the circular area. Us, as family, were up front next to Suzie. So the priest did his little thing, we had a brief prayer, and that was that. It was an absolutely perfect day outside. There were little birds everywhere singing their little songs, the sky was clear, the sun was bright straight up in the sky but cold enough so the snow wasn't melting. That gave Suzie a lot of comfort. Then we all went to an Italian restaurant, where I ordered some yummy tortellini and sat at the table with my three siblings and my cousins. Anna and cousin Tim at the table together is always a comical experience.. this time he ended up with a straw full of Sprite blown all over his nice shirt xD. We sat around and talked for a while, so when the group broke and said our goodbyes, mom took us to a used bookstore across the street. Holy. Shit. Wow. I have never been to a more inspiring bookstore in my life. It's just a tiny hole in the wall store across the street from the restaurant. Despite it's small appearance, it goes very far back and has a large basement full of bookshelves. I loved it there. It was so.. wow. I don't even know how to describe it. The smell, the dim lighting, the visual of narrow hallways and corridors between bookshelves all made for a wonderful experience. I'll stop before I sound high.

Anyways. I found an awesome little four-book encyclopedia set on four types of land area in America. I could get the whole thing for about $28, instead of the original $56. We put that on hold, as well as a martial arts book that I'll hopefully get to Dan at his birthday party. We found a HUGE antique Bible.. it was really incredible, and also extremely expensive. So we put that back on the shelf.

Well, the really cool part of today is that Dan turned 18. Whee! So after the bookstore we went to his house and waited for him to come home from college and we watched him play Jedi for a while (we meaning Pat and I), then hung out downstairs when he went to get dinner. Afterwards he came back with a huge birthday card from his dad, with "HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY" spelled out in five dollar bills across the front, decorated with paper cutouts of balloons and confetti. I thought it was pretty creative. He got some gift cards and a package of wafer cookies. Hehe. So we hung out until 9:30 pm, then mom picked us up and brought us home, where the dogs proceeded to run away.

So after a fifteen minute interlude, dad (who had already been woken up three times earlier) and I went out to find them. We spent about ten minute out and about, then came back to find them sitting on our front step. We let them in, then everyone went their seperate ways to bed. And now.. I'm extremely tired. Ouch.

Yeah. I'm going to bed.
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