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Ohhhhh man.

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What an awesome weekend. Aside from me being all emo and moody for no good reason, I've had a great time. I skipped school on Friday, under consent of my parents so I wouldn't get in trouble. I helped them bake and clean house for Danny's birthday party which was yesterday, and sat around and played a ton of my Outdoor Adventures hunting and fishing game. Wow I'm a dork. Anyways. Dan surprised me around eleven, as I was baking a cake and neither of my parents were home; mom had just left for a church thing and dad had left earlier for a work thing, and apparently as she was leaving she gave him permission to let himself into the house. It freaked me out, cuz I looked from the kitchen down the stairs, so the rail was blocking his face from view but I saw a brown leather jacket that was neither of my parents', and had a moment of panic before I realized it was Dan. Then I was extremely pleased and happy, and I hugged him, then he hung out with me as I baked the cakes and sat with me as I played some more of my game. Later we didn't do much, just kind of sat around and watched TV. He slept over. Whee.

Saturday was Danny's party. We had it set up so that the little guys could use my computer, Danny's and Patricks computers to play Red Alert and Dan joined in for a while on his laptop. We also had plans to go at three to find a prom dress.

Tiff came over, cuz she wanted to shop with mom and I, and since she was going I think Dan didn't feel he was required to go or something. Which is fine, and I said he didn't have to go if he didn't want, but I was a little disappointed that he said he would go and then didn't. Oh well, no huge deal. So myself, Tiff and mom went to the first and last place: Classy Consignments in Anoka, the same place we got my pretty purple one at last year. There were three in the window that were really, really gorgeous. One was yellow, which I thought "meh" when I saw it hanging there, then a blue one whose only flaws were the massive fake flowers all over it, and then a hot pink one that had beaded and embroidered green leaves and gold flowers up the center front, looking very oriental and straight. Upon closer examination of sizes, it turned out that only the yellow and blue would fit. First I tried the yellow. Holy cow, it fit me really well. We spent like twenty minutes gah-ing over me in the three way mirror, because it fit so well and is pretty unique looking, with the pink and green strip down the side. After that I tried on the blue one, which was pretty, but unfortunately a tad too big in the torso, plus I didn't like the flowers. The yellow one though was just.. I dunno. Perfect I guess. I'm not much of a fan of yellow, but for some reason it looks really good on me. So yes, we bought the yellow one, which ended up being more expensive (x.x; $240) than my purple one, which was like $160, but mom says it's worth every penny. Afterwards we went to Wal Mart to get Tiff some glass slippers like mine. Wow. All of a sudden they're in style I guess, because there were at least six different styles that had a glass heel. We found some that were so cool, both of us are going to be wearing them to prom. They're silver, with a glass outer sole and heel- but the coolest thing about them are that they light up! The flash red, yellow and green whenever you take a step in them. In a dark room underneath a full skirt, we'll be pretty noticable, which will be fun. Then mom went and treated us to make up! Ahhhh! We got new shampoo and conditioner, and I got two new mascaras, purple eyeliner and a different kind of eyelash curler. Yey for being girly. Anyways, that was that, and we went home.

Once home, I got my stuff together, put it in the car and mom dropped us off at the New China Buffet so we could have dinner, since we were both in the mood for Chinese. We finished just as mom arrived back from delivering cookies in Elk River, and we went to Tiff's house. Not much happened from there, we had happy fun time and Sims, and figured out how we're gonna do our makeup when the day comes.

Today I think Danny's party with the family begins. We're being taken out to eat by my grandma to a chinese restaurant of some sort, and probably other activities I don't know about yet. Yey.
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