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I've had a decent week, as far as I can remember.. I hate my memory. Ungh. I really, really feel awful about missing the orchestra concert. I remember, back when I was a freshman, that being a senior soloist was like going to be the highlight of high school. I was forced out of orchestra this year due to academic needs, and because of AP art and math class I wasn't able to organize anything outside of school anyway. So I figured I'd at least go to the concert. For god's sake. I feel so stupid. Though I was sick on that day, I would've forced myself and my parents out of the house, if for the sole reason of seeing Angie and Brendan play. I guess, to sum it up, I'm really disappointed in myself.

On the upside, Dan visited me on Thursday (the second day I was sick) and hung out with me for a while. Then Friday I was back in school, where I was burdened by a huge dump of homework from all four classes. The days off were worth it though. I felt rested for the first time since first quarter. So Friday night I went to Dan's and spent the night, where we cuddled and watched movies while Cooch fought to install drivers on his computer across the room, however would not let Dan help. So yeah. The next day Cooch left for work at nine, leaving his stuff, so Dan fixed his computer for him, installed drivers and tuned things up as I played with Poser animations. Oh, yeah. I know how to animate the 3d models now! Squee! Anyways, after that, Dan's mom came home and gave us twenty dollars to get dinner. So we went to Acapulco (who I personally believe to be sub-par to El Loro :P) and had dinner. It was quite nice. Then we went back to his house, transferred my crazy animations and stuff onto his laptop in preparation for him to come to my house for the night. Apparently his grandpa died- while the files were moving the phone rang, then his mom called him upstairs. Dan wasn't terribly upset, as he hasn't seen his grandpa since he was tiny and thought he was a jerk anyway, and his mom didn't seem too devastated either, but she was still sad. So no plans were hindered, and we came to my house. Dan installed Jedi Academy on Pat's computer, which took quite a while and while he did that I showed my parents my animations and then sat on my computer to make some more. I went upstairs after a while to talk to mom, and when I returned Dan was fixing something unstable about his site, and I continued animating. Around midnight the computers were shut off, then we cuddled up and watched the last disc of Hellsing that he had rented for me from Netflix. We then went to bed, then woke up today around ten thirty. He installed another hard drive in my computer since I was running a little low on space, then installed Jedi Academy and all its mods. Then he had to leave, since his mom wanted him home at one. Since, I've been sitting in bed doing my load of homework. I've busted through all the math, though I hardly understood it (as usual), did my independent living nebulizer research project, now I have to balance my independent living checkbook (BLARGH) and finish my reaction paper on abortion for Law class, in which I sound like a freaking holy roller x.x;.

Anyways. Have a nice day.
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