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Bored. Boredboredbored. Over the course of the week, my entire family has had the flu. I guess it's my turn, cuz I feel shitty. Like.. wretching gut shitty. I haven't thrown up yet, but I sure feel like it, and my throat keeps tightening up. I don't have a fever though, and I only feel really sick when walking around. I should be back in school tomorrow, but I'm not entirely sure, as this could take a turn for the worse, which is why I stayed home today fearing that I might up-chuck in school.

I've been playing with Poser again. I got an anime doll that I've been morphing and stuff. It's pretty fun. I've also starting playing with lights a little more, and once I get my super-computer, I'll be able to render cooler stuff cuz it won't rip my machine to pieces.

Yeah.. nothing else to say.. or do... blah.

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