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Well, since starting up medication again only two days ago, I already feel a lot better. I still get sad when things bother me, but it's a lot less tragic and I can handle myself a ton better. Yes!

Part of my mood was probably contributed to by my period situation...

I had a slightly stressful situation recently. A month ago, at the end of my last one, Dan and I had some fun if you know what I mean, and for some reason a seed had been planted in my brain that it was possible I might be pregnant. So I was really, really stressed out for about a month, though I had never talked to anyone about it because I didn't want to start blowing things away too soon. So for that reason, its arrival yesterday was a huge relief. However. It still hurts like a bitch. I can't flex my ab muscles without being in extreme pain, and I can't.. bluntly, can't take a crap without extreme agony. I begged my parents to take that prescription in to the pharmacy, and turns out we're on some sort of three month plan where they mail stuff to us. Great! So I have to wait another month to get my pain medicine. I have tried ibuprofin, midol and whatnot, and it does help dull the pain, but it's still extremely uncomfortable, especially sitting in school all day. Another positive though, is that despite the pain, it puts me in a really good mood for some reason. My skin's extremely sensitive, so I'm easy to tickle and therefore easy to make laugh, and I'm just all around happy. Joy.

Despite my massive effort to once and for all understand math, nothing is coming along smoothly. I don't understand anything we're doing in Algebra II right now. I've asked the teacher three times to assist me in figuring it out, and all three times she's gone way too fast for me to follow and then lost patience and told me to figure it out. Thanks for nothing bitch. Blah.

In Computer Programming, I'm actually a day ahead of most everybody, I think. I finished chapter 7 early in the hour, and read into chapter 8 as they were finishing their stuff. The kids next to me are way behind.. the douchebag to my left is on chapter 6, and the nice but always-absent kid on my right is on chapter 4. So I get very little assistance, which is okay, because it forces me to figure it out myself. And, when in extreme doubt, I could always ask Brandon or the teacher.

Law and Independent Living are both bad and good. Law, when Ms. Gresser isn't around, is just awesome. We don't do anything except the occassional assignment she gives the sub to give us. When she's there though.. ugh. She's like the bishiest woman ever.

Then there's Hofkes.. wow. I haven't even done anything in her class but follow directions, and one could cut the tension between us with a knife. She really, really hates me, and for what reason, I don't know. Not to so sound judgmental or anything.. but wtf is up with her hair? x.x; Isn't she supposed to be the fashion teacher?

Anyways. That's my life briefed. Dan and I are doing fine, Tiff's dad does in fact have cancer, but it sounds like the operation is coming along just peachy. So that's all good.

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