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Yeah, I'm better now. I'm very drained and tired, but I'm okay. I've decided I'm going to get help again. I went a good, stable seven months without Prozac after about a year of taking it, so that's a start. I talked with mom about it and I think she's going to set me up with a more helpful counselor than my last, and both of us have extra meds from our last prescriptions to take me through a couple months, so we're good for now. Hopefully it will help me as well as it did last time. I hate being chemically dependent.. but sometimes it has to happen for things to get better. It's certainly better than being unable to do things because I'm just incapacitated with grief about absolutely nothing specific.

So yeah. I hope for the best. I went to church, then went to New China Buffet with my family for Danny's birthday, and Pat's friend Nathan came along. It's a good thing I wasn't still suicidal at that point because my fortune read: "Your present plans are going to succeed." Morbid x.x;. Nathan's was hilarious, and so was Pat's. Patricks read, "Dance like no one is watching!" and Nathan's said "Don't kiss an elephant on the lips today." Where the hell do these people get these things? Well, my family had a good laugh at the end of the meal, which was great, and the people there custom made a cake for us to put candles in and sing happy birthday, and Danny was also exempt from the bill. The people working there are so nice- they hardly speak any English, but they try really hard. The waitress didn't know the language well enough to sing the birthday song with us, but she hummed and clapped along. It was joyful.

And now I'm back home. Aww! Sort of to contribute to my series of furry pictures of us, Dan is making 3D renderings of our digital swordsmen characters through Poser. They're just adorable! I have one set as my background now. So cute.

I need to shower. So I think I'll do that now. Goodnight!
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